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​The Surprising Health Benefits of Natural Grown Cereals

Chennai (Tamil Nadu) [India], July 31: Cereals have been a source of nourishment, sustenance and a staple food over many generations. From the early days of consuming naturally grown cereals, we have been moving slowly towards using heavily processed food, unwittingly ignoring the health benefits that these cereals offer. Fortunately, in recent times, there has been a reawakening and increasing awareness about the harmful effects of cereals grown using synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and genetically modified organisms. People are again shifting towards naturally grown cereals without harmful chemicals.

Naturally Grown Cereals

Naturally grown cereals contribute to overall well-being in several ways. Minimal exposure to harmful chemicals, higher content of essential nutrients, better fibre content resulting in improved heart and digestive functions, and reduced risk of allergies are some of the important characteristics of naturally grown cereals that contribute to good health and well-being.

Let us look at how these cereals contribute to our health and the positive impact that naturally grown cereals have on our well-being.

Abundant Nutrient Content

Naturally grown cereals such as rice, millet, oats, and wheat have a high content of essential nutrients such as carbohydrates, protein, fibre, and vitamins that help maintain good health and prevent chronic diseases. The B vitamins found in these grains are essential for cognitive function and emotional health. Consuming whole grains with all their parts provides an all-inclusive nutrient profile. Unlike their processed counterparts, these grains retain their natural nutrient content, ensuring that your body receives a wholesome and balanced diet.

High Fiber Content

The high fibre content in food is paramount to maintaining a healthy digestive system. Naturally grown cereals have high fibre content and are helpful in preventing constipation and reducing the risk of developing gastrointestinal disorders. High fibre content also contributes to the control of blood sugar levels. The fibre content in these grains promotes satiety, reduces overall calorie intake, and helps maintain a healthy weight.

Diabetes Management

For individuals with diabetes or those at risk, naturally grown cereals can be an excellent dietary choice. The slow release of carbohydrates in whole grains helps regulate blood sugar levels and prevents sudden spikes and crashes. This gradual energy release also aids in maintaining steady energy levels throughout the day.

Weight Management

In the struggle against obesity and weight gain, naturally grown cereals emerge as powerful allies. Apart from the role played by the fibre content in these grains, the nutrients in whole grains also have a role to play. They contribute to a balanced diet, encouraging healthier eating habits.

Reduced Risk of Chronic Diseases

Incorporating naturally grown cereals regularly in meals helps lower the risk of chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes. The antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins in whole grains contribute to the body’s defence against harmful free radicals and inflammation.

Naturally Grown Cereals from Re:fresh

With growing awareness among people about the health benefits of naturally grown cereals, several brands have brought out naturally grown cereals in the market. Re:fresh brings to you a whole range of superior quality cereals such as different varieties of rice, Khapli wheat, whole jowar, whole bajra, black turtle beans and little millet, which are rich in components like, protein, fibre and Vitamins, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and other minerals.

While Re:fresh Khichdi rice is a light and easy-to-digest variant, the Surti, Ashwini, and Govind Bhog rice varieties are full of aroma and can be used for any rice dish. All these varieties are chemical free and high in nutrient value. Re:fresh Khapli wheat has a much lower gluten content than regular wheat and is highly nutritious.

Re:fresh jowar is the grain of choice for healthy rotis. Re:fresh Bajra is a versatile grain that can be consumed as whole grain, flour, flakes, or as popped grains. It is a popular ingredient that finds use in many cuisines.

Re:fresh turtle black beans are again rich in protein, magnesium and potassium and can be a tasty addition to any diet. It is equally tasty when cooked with or without the skin. Re:fresh little millet is another versatile grain that can be used in several traditional Indian dishes and is rich in proteins and other nutrients.

Although convenience and processed foods tend to dominate the modern diet, the health benefits of naturally grown cereals cannot be ignored. Embracing a diet that prioritizes naturally grown cereals can lead to improved heart health, diabetes management, weight control, digestive health, and even better mental well-being. It is time for us to give serious thought to our health and well-being and incorporate naturally grown cereals in our diet regularly for a long and healthy life.

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