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Ameet Parekh Supporting Entrepreneurs to Get through the New Normal

November 26: Ameet Parekh, being an entrepreneur himself, knows the huge task of trying to build a business in this new normal. He continues to help entrepreneurs from all backgrounds in getting back on their feet. Taking his mission further, he has launched yet another edition of ‘Business Freedom Challenge’, an extremely powerful online webinar that guides business owners on how to create a scalable & profitable business model.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected a lot of lives around the world. Businesses have suffered major losses, and people have lost jobs. Amidst all of this, it has been incredibly challenging for entrepreneurs to keep sustaining their business in a consistent fashion. His workshop will support business owners to get a framework for massive success. Coach Ameet will guide small & medium size business to create system-centric businesses, which will lead to better efficacy and more time freedom for business owners leading to strategic growth. These sessions in the past have helped a lot of entrepreneurs in getting through these hard times.

Perfection Is a Myth

Entrepreneurs obsess over perfection too much. They think more, do less. Instead, it’s time to focus on progress instead of perfection. But most entrepreneurs are constantly fire-fighting where they get so ‘busy’ with the operational tasks that they move away from their true vision.

A dream every entrepreneur has is that his venture should generate enormous wealth, and eventually self sustain. Small to big, most entrepreneurs are struggling for survival and are not even playing the game of growth because their business is solely dependent on them. They are the driving force behind every single function. Be it marketing, sales, operations, accounts, or HR; an entrepreneur is involved in everything, which is what kills the growth of the business.

Fruits or Roots

Entrepreneurs are unhappy about the fruits of their business but rarely work on the root of the problem. Ameet says that there are 2 root areas to be focused upon which will resolve this growth challenge

  1. Discover Business Warrior Mindset
  2. Learn to create a system driven business model

Ameet Parekh, 1 of India’s leading business coaches, member of the International Coach Federation & Certified Coaches Alliance, has been working with entrepreneurs across India to transform their businesses. He believes that business performance acceleration can be easily achieved if entrepreneurs create a warrior mindset, and in his amazon best seller book “Your Mind is Your Enemy”, Ameet shares how exactly to build Super Performer Mindset.

Turnaround Specialist

Ameet has taken his experiences of several years and created a simple system that will help Entrepreneurs to move from Existing to Excelling in the world of business. Ameet says that it is simple but not easy to Build to Last; this requires acquiring knowledge of creating business systems, processes and powerful strategies.

Contrary to popular belief, Ameet says that in any business, the eventual role of an entrepreneur is to do nothing, but he sees entrepreneurs are doing everything. They fail to reduce the business dependency on themselves. If all business functions are dependent on one person, growth is compromised. Entrepreneurs often choose a self-destructive path of being a firefighter and crisis solver in their business, thus causing them to be completely ineffective in being Business Leader. Ameet Parekh teaches Business owners to become business LEADERS helping them to build a sustainable business by teaching them best practices and systems which work to produce results.


Business Coach Ameet is a multi-faceted personality with an innovative mind which has led him to create some incredible coaching programs to help entrepreneurs acquire a success mindset & develop business skills.

He has helped thousands of budding & established entrepreneurs to establish or scale up their business operations.

He successfully teaches this methodology to 1000’s budding and established entrepreneurs across the country through his Signature Seminar called “Business Freedom Challenge”. In this webinar, he teaches how to develop a Business warrior mindset and helps them find out what are the Key Areas of business excellence.

Participants vouch for his high octane humorous presentations, and his incredible ability to connect with the audience has inspired tremendous success.

To make sure businesses do a turnaround and get transformed, attend the “Business Freedom Challenge” Seminar.

This Seminar Is Being Organized Online

To register in the “Business Freedom Challenge” webinar and turn around your business, click the link below or scan the QR code.