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6 Inspiring Leaders You Need to Know About in 2024

New Delhi (India), June 10: In an era marked by rapid change and innovation, certain individuals stand out for their exceptional contributions and visionary leadership. This listicle celebrates six inspiring leaders who are making a significant impact in their respective industries. From revolutionizing personal growth and development to pioneering advancements in technology and fashion, these leaders exemplify excellence and determination. Each one brings a unique story of perseverance, innovation, and success that not only sets them apart but also inspires countless others to follow in their footsteps. Join us as we explore the journeys of these remarkable individuals shaping the future in 2024.

Prabhleen Gupta: Founder of Personal Mastery

In 2014, Prabhleen Gupta ignited a revolution with the inception of Personal Mastery, a beacon of inspiration for ambitious souls worldwide. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, she sculpted a sanctuary where the pursuit of personal and professional greatness intertwines seamlessly. Under her stewardship, Personal Mastery stands as a testament to innovation, offering a kaleidoscope of globally acclaimed certification courses. From the art of Life Coaching to the science of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, each program is a gateway to unlocking boundless potential.

Prabhleen’s visionary approach transcends conventional boundaries, harmonizing conscious and subconscious realms to catalyse profound transformations. Her relentless pursuit of perfection echoes in every session and certification, setting an unmatched standard in the realm of holistic development. As a trailblazer in the landscape of growth and empowerment, Prabhleen Gupta’s legacy inspires admiration and reverence, casting ripples of influence far beyond the realms of imagination.

Harmeet Singh: Director – Coolways Group of Companies

Harmeet Singh, the Director of Coolways Group of Companies, has been a pioneering force in the air conditioning and home automation industry. After earning his MBA in Mumbai, he launched his career in 2004, and by 2006, he had installed the first VRF air conditioning project in Punjab, which continues to perform excellently.

In 2013, driven by his passion for technology, Harmeet founded a firm specializing in Luxury Home Automation. He became the first system integrator in North India to integrate air conditioning, lighting, motorization, networking, audio/video systems, home theatres, and security solutions into a single app and controller.  His expertise is so recognized that other vendors often consult him on complex projects. Currently, Harmeet is managing 60-70 ongoing projects with elite architects across Punjab and PAN India. His innovative solutions and in-house teams ensure top-quality service and client satisfaction.

Masumi Mewawalla: Founder & Creative Director Masumi Mewawalla & Emblaze

Masumi Mewawalla seamlessly transitions from a successful child actress to a visionary entrepreneur, revolutionising bridal wear with Label Masumi Mewawalla (Previously Pink Peacock Couture) with signature 3D Rose gold embroidery. Armed with a commerce degree and Certified Financial Planner certification, her expertise extends to wedding planning, catering, and choreography. Emblaze, alongside her iconic Contemporary | Bridal | Luxe Pret | Couture | Trousseau, sets a new standard in Modern Indo-Western fashion. Awards like “Indian Affairs Most Promising Designer 2021,” “Visionary Indian Leaders of The Year 2023,” and “Entrepreneur Today 30 under 30” highlight her impact. Masumi’s mentorship endeavours uplift emerging talents, igniting their potential to shine brightly.

Akshit Relan: Co-founder of Cars Alley Pvt Ltd

Akshit Relan, Co-founder of Cars Alley Pvt Ltd, is an accomplished young entrepreneur with over 7 years of experience. On 2nd June 2024, he received the awards for Young Entrepreneur of the Year and Best Marketing and Sales Expert in the Automobile Industry awarded by Mr. Hiten Tejwani, chief guest at National Business Awards 2024. With a degree in Hospitality and Hotel Administration, Akshit developed strong client-centric skills.

He has a proven track record in marketing and lead generation, working with various firms like Topp Gear, Empire Autoz, GS Car Point and various other firms at Car Bazar Chandigarh. His innovative approach integrates technology with traditional methods to streamline the used car market, ensuring customer satisfaction through quality leads and rigorous evaluations.

Akshit is also committed to social causes, planning to provide cars on a non-profit basis to economically weaker sections, single mothers, and war veterans. With a vision to expand Cars Alley Pvt Ltd nationwide, Akshit continues to inspire as a leader in the industry.

Pankaj Sharma: Founder of The Lexicon Group

Pankaj Sharma founded The Lexicon Group in 2006, transforming it from a humble book distribution venture into a dynamic conglomerate committed to societal progress and exceptional service. Starting as a recent graduate with heavy bags on a bike, Pankaj’s vision has led to the creation of a diverse organization impacting multiple sectors.

The Lexicon Group spans education, hospitality, fitness, journalism, law, research, and skincare, with renowned brands like The Lexicon Schools, Lexicon MILE, Pune Mirror, Civic Mirror, Multifit, Lexicon IHM, Lexicon Kids, Lexicon Rainbow, CITTA, Rest the Case, Thinker Place, and Educrack. These initiatives are designed to promote holistic growth, offering top-tier services and opportunities to various community segments.

Driven by core values of integrity, innovation, and transparency, The Lexicon Group reflects Pankaj’s belief in collaborative success. His relentless pursuit of breaking barriers and redefining norms empowers society and fosters comprehensive growth.

Mrinal Choudhury: Leading Corporate Trainer

Mrinal Choudhury (from Kolkata), is a leading corporate trainer and motivational speaker. He has helped multiple corporations achieve financial growth by enhancing individuals’ peak performance in their daily lives. Acknowledged industry-wide for his contributions, Mrinal Choudhury’s content stems from a unique mix of science and spirituality.

In his soon-to-be-launched debut book “The Happiness Hunt”, he makes a compelling case for unbridled happiness, even if everything else is falling apart. With his deep understanding of spirituality spanning across and beyond all religious and atheistic viewpoints, he seeks to address all conflicts, internal and external that challenge modern individuals and societies. He endeavours to empower individuals to take charge of their lives and emotions, ultimately enhancing their relationships, productivity, and overall health and happiness.

His ability to connect with the audience at a deep emotional level and his transformative approach with actionable takeaways make him an invaluable speaker for any event.

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