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Alopecia Areata Homeopathy Treatment Offers Hope for Adults and Adolescents

New Delhi (India), September 19: You may notice many people who have patchy hair loss trying to conceal their problems in numerous ways. This is Alopecia areata, which can deeply impact the quality of life and often attract negative emotions as well. The psychological burden that a person faces when suffering from such patchy hair loss may be tremendous for a few people to handle as hair defines beauty and aesthetic standards for many seeking public or one’s own approval. Therefore, several people try to find various solutions for the same, and treatment options like homeopathy are welcomed with open arms by people who have long lost hope for a physical as well as emotional recovery from alopecia.

Understanding Alopecia Areata

Alopecia areata is a kind of nonscarring hair loss that is autoimmune in nature affecting the scalp, face, and sometimes body hair resulting in small patchy hair loss. There are times when complete hair is lost from the scalp, which is termed as alopecia totalis, moreover, a complete loss of hair from the scalp, face (eyelashes, beard, eyebrows), and even entire body hair may lead to alopecia universalis. The body’s immune system destroys hair follicles as a misdirected response that may cause one or multiple bald patches. The patches may be roundish in shape and smooth when touched. In a few people, the affected part may be itchy or painful, but not in every case. Alopecia areata has a worldwide incidence of about 100-200 per 1, 00,000 people. It can affect people of all ages ranging from infancy to 80 years. The average age for occurrence of alopecia areata is around 32 years in males and 36 years in females as per a study conducted from 1990 to 2009.

The Limitations of Conventional Treatments

The use of corticosteroids, other immune-suppressants that are widely indicated may act well for a short time. But in the long run, they result in drastic side effects like depressing immune response, and adverse systemic effects. The Plasma rich protein (PRP) injections are gaining momentum these days but they are not for the needle-phobic. It is an invasive therapy and may not be suitable for all people suffering from past history of bleeding disorders, auto-immune disease, active infections, or in patients taking an anticoagulant. So, people often get hopeless from short-term relief of conventional treatment, and for some, the inherent fear of injections has limited therapies at their disposal thus, many people opt for homeopathy as it is very good for long-term betterment.

Homeopathy as a Natural Solution

Homeopathy is an incredibly safe, natural, and effective system of medicine that is based on the principle of “like cures like” which means that a substance causing hair loss in a healthy person may be used in a diluted form to treat the hair loss in a person with an alopecia patient. It deals with the root cause of the condition targeting the altered immune function of the individual and restoring the harmony in the body for long-standing well-being. Unlike conventional treatments that cause side effects, drug dependency, and relapses of the disease, Homeopathic treatment boosts the immune functions and can prevent relapses of hair loss and it is non-habit forming and free from any kind of side effects. 

The Promise of Alopecia Areata Homeopathy Treatment

Homeopathy shows long-lasting effects as it does not treat alopecia on the surface or outside but it aims to treat the root cause of the problem. According to a 2021 study, the use of homeopathic medicine syphilinum with consistent follow-ups has given a good treatment outcome for the patient affected by alopecia areata. Various different medicines like Syphilinum, Fluoric acid, Silicea, Phosphorus, Kali carbonicum, Natrum muriaticum, etc. can be effective for patients given through a holistic approach considering the mind, body, and soul, all together.

The individual symptoms of the patient including his unique nature, characteristics, temperament, and personality are all taken into account rather than just superficial physical symptoms of the patient.

With the homeopathic alopecia treatment, there is not only physical relief from the symptoms but also the mind is at ease with the return of hair as it significantly boosts self-esteem and self-worth. There is a visible improvement in hair growth, regulation of a healthy hair cycle, and reduction of patches, along with timely and consistent follow-ups. The earlier the professional homeopathic treatment is taken, the advantages are amplified to get better healthcare outcomes. Long-standing alopecia with multiple patchy hair loss may show relatively slow improvement than alopecia treated with homeopathy of recent origin with minimal hair loss.

Success Stories 

The below mentioned Testimonials illustrate the efficacy of homeopathic treatment for Alopecia Areata:

I had been suffering from alopecia areata (hair loss in patches) for more than 8-10 years. I first tried conventional medicine which involved having injections all over my head which used to cause enormous pain and heavy bleeding. I was also given tablets that were so strong they used to leave me feeling weak and tired. Then two years ago, I was introduced to Dr Batra’s clinic where I was put under the charge of Dr. Satish. He studied my case in great detail and then started treatment. Today, my problem has been 80% solved and there has been no recurrence. Homeopathic medicine is easy and painless to take with no side effects. I really thank Dr Batra’s clinic for treating me so effectively. After my experience, I have recommended Dr Batra’s to four more of my friends who have hair problems.

–       35 years male patient, Hyderabad clinic.

I have been a patient of alopecia areata since 1999 and had gone through many treatments for the last 10-12 years, but found no permanent solution to my problem. For the last 10 months, I have been under treatment at Dr. Batra’s Goa clinic. I am glad to say that I have found a good change in my problem. My alopecia patch got covered with hair and there was no side effect of the treatment, which I faced during my previous treatments. The approach and hospitality of the doctor there is very good and much appreciated. The overall cooperation of Dr Batra’s Goa team is very satisfactory.

–       42 year old female patient, Goa clinic.

Two years ago, I visited Dr Batra’s clinic for the treatment of alopecia areata with many doubts in mind and little hope because all the previous treatments had failed. Today, after two years of treatment at Dr Batra’s, I can vouch that the treatment is extremely effective and satisfactory. I am heartily thankful to all the doctors at the clinic. God bless you. Thanks and keep up the good work.

–       56 years old male, Ludhiana clinic.

These testimonials show that the homeopathic treatment for the disease alopecia is remarkable and very effective without any relapses and continued recovery.

Finding a Qualified Homeopath

A qualified homeopath and the hair doctor at Dr Batra’s® examines a patient’s medical history meticulously to understand the underlying reasons for the hair loss problems. A detailed video-microscopy test is performed to evaluate the hair and scalp by magnifying it up to 200 times and a suitable personalized homeopathic treatment is prescribed. Different causes of hair loss require a unique approach, as every person’s homeopathic treatment is individualized as per the patient’s personal history and symptom similarity. 


Dr Batra’s® Healthcare is a trustworthy name for natural, non-invasive, non-surgical hair loss treatments. Homeopathic hair loss treatment here is natural, safe, cost-effective, and aimed toward a long-term solution. Dr Batra’s® has successfully treated around 15 lakh hair patients with a 96.6 % success rate seen across those patients. You all can avail our treatment for alopecia even through online appointments through our website:

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